Misr Asia Travel
Singaporean Market


We have been in the Singaporean market since 1992.
Since 1992 we are handling more than 20 Singaporean travel agencies,

                      We receives about 700 Singaporean tourists every year , some of them stop to visit Egypt on their way for Umrah and others travel just to visit Egypt.

                    By the way I visit Singapore twice or 3 times a year to meet the travel agents and discuss with them our Business relations.


Ahmad Radwan
General Manager
Misr Asia Travel

101 Saudi - Buildings - Al - Sawaah Behind Qobba Place - Cairo  EGYPT      
Tel : 24554655 ( HUNTING )      Fax : 24554740       

Email : misr_asia@yahoo.com       

101 عمارات الشركة السعودية المصرية للتعمير - السواح - خلف قصر القبة - القاهرة     

     ت : 24554655     فاكس : 24554740